367 Zion 4th Line,

Circa 1887 Farmstead on the Baxter Creek 


172 Acres with access into the Ganaraska Forest


The adventure begins at Millbrook's famous 4TH Line, west of the Theatre, on a long driveway headed south through approximately 85 acres of rolling croplands and pastures, dotted with farm relics left by ancestors.  Down through the first woodland, and up through more croplands, the original clapboard farmhouse is finally glimpsed.  The soil here is fertile, and the views are captivating, but truly magnificent as the journey continues south through trails into approximately 75 acres of forested valleys and plateaus which remain natural habitat to wildlife, including brown trout in the crystal clear waters of the Baxter Creek. 

This property is located approximately 1 hour's drive north-east of Toronto, 5 minutes south of Millbrook and is south-bordered by "The Ganny Transit", an extension of the Millbrook Valley Trail system leading into the Ganaraska Forest.  


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