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GD Gabriel Di Sante Corp. Is a Canada based incorporated startup company created by Venezuelans Gabriel Di Sante Celebrity and Vogue Italia Fashion published photographer and his wife Maria Gabriela Bello with Corporation number 1284010-3 at 100 lower Ossington avenue Toronto Ontario, building 3D Virtual Experiences for Retail, NFTs, Music, Celebrities, Fashion, Mental Health, Art, Tv&Film industry.

Top Challenges: by relaying on a third party software provider we face the following challenges:

  • Limited software solutions (not able to add new features or integrations)
  • Immediate and personalized customer support when dealing with platform issues (not frequent)
  • Funding
  • Right partners

Top Features:

  • Ticketing System
  • Data Analytics (impressions, visits, views, clicks, heat map, device chart, average time and more)
  • E-Commerce (smart tags)
  • Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, VR friendly
  • Shopify ID integration
  • Avatars (Ready player me)
  • Virtual staging.
  • .jpeg, .png, .gif, .mp4, .glb, .mp3 file supported
  • Private audio/video calls + screen sharing and chat box
  • Payments with fiat (crypto can also be integrated if needed)
  • Translations
  • Security

Some industries use cases

Retail: A web shop is nice. Really, it is. But a virtual store is just so much better.

Why? Because buyers feel like they are in the physical store, but they also have the convivence of a typical web-store.

And you, as a seller? You get to showcase your store, FOR REAL. Not just as a stack of products, but as place that represents nothing short of GREATNESS.

Celebrity/Music Artists/TV&Film: Allow your audience and fans to get a closer and more immersive 3D Virtual experience while creating new ways of revenue by offering a Music festival 3D Virtual experience, making of the music video 3D virtual experience, in studio recording 3D Virtual session experience or give fans the opportunity to walk virtually inside their favorites movie and TV show sets.

NFTs: as a collector I always had and still having a poor and boring experience collecting some of my favorite NFTs from the first NFTs drops including Snoop Dogg and The weekend. Both drops hosted in a 2D flat website.

After having the same shopping experience in different industries and seeing how they still using 2D flat websites to generate online sales we understood that we just created something that could not just offer a smoother and more immersive experience but also create new ways of monetization in a more efficient way.

Mental Health: Since Covid-19 came to our life we partnered with the biggest Canada based Mental Health and Drug addictions institution located in Toronto to build for them 3D virtual Art Exhibitions for them to show some of their art program artists, raise money, educate users about mental health and drug addiction while bringing a new hope and changing these patients' life.

Having someone close to us with Bipolar disorder and intellectual disability gave use the opportunity to learn about how by creating and using these 3D virtual experiences were we had him inside the experience with his art that make him felt more happy and changed his depressive episode after seeing that now he has his own 3D Virtual Art/NFTs store.

Ticketing System feature for celebrities, retail, art, nfts, music artists

  • A 3D Virtual Fan experience can be used to create different ways of revenue by selling access tickets for fans to enjoy a new and more immersive experience, Selling merch, products, tickets for physical events and more.
  • Low investment risk vs Potential revenue.
  • Ticket data analytics: collect data from each ticket sold including user name and email address.
  • Easy Access: fans can use their mobile device, desktop, tablet or VR to enjoy the experience.
  • Payment: fans can pay with fiat currency using debit, credit, PayPal etc. (profits from tickets will go straight to the PayPal/Stripe client account if needed).
  • Data Analytics: impressions, views, visits, heat map, charts and more. This can be used to charge to have brands and companies logos or any type of ad inside the experience.

Why us? we provide utility, functionality, value, easy access, smooth 3D virtual user experiences and more. Our goal is to offer new solutions for all the different industries including, VR, AR, web3, NFTs, keeping the traditional 2D website features or what we call a 3D virtual hybrid experience into their brands and companies vs a gaming experience with limited access and almost not utility and just Hype. 

We are solving real problems, changing people life's in many different ways with what we offer but also creating jobs opportunities for creators, developers, entrepreneurs while educating them about how Web3, NFTs, Virtual Experiences can be used to monetize and offer a better and more efficient user experience.

Top use cases:

  • Lebron James x Lobos 1707
  • Sebastian Yatra
  • CAMH (Mental Health Canada Center)
  • Flow Blockchain
  • Billboard x Unblocked NFTs project
  • Formula 1
  • Ritz Carlton Miami South Beach
  • One Vanderbilt NYC
  • Avalanche Blockchain
  • DeSo Protocol
  • Solana Blockchain
  • Jeremy Gardner (Crypto billionaire.)
  • Fellzz (Doodles NFTs biggest whale with a 5.2m worth 3D virtual gallery built by us.)
  • D&G 3D Virtual NFTs Promo Experience.

Advantage: After more than 4 years doing a deep research and testing what other companies are offering in terms of utility, user experience and monetization opportunities for all the different industries that are looking for these new e-commerce solutions to create new ways of revenue and pretty much none are even close to what we offer and most of them are offering a gaming focused and poor user experience (Decentraland, Sandbox,, Cryptovoxels, etc.)

These companies are targeting and focused in full VR services attaching them to crypto and NFTs with limited access leaving us 95% of the market that still using their mobile devices to buy products, visit websites and using fiat still.

What they offer: HYPE, No utility, No functionality, limited access, HIGH prices.

What we offer: Custom services, Real utility, functionality, easy access, new ways of monetization, new immersive and more efficient user experience.

Galleries/Experiences Donated: 

(2) 3D Virtual Art Exhibitions for CAMH.

(2) NFT galleries to support Ukraine.

(1) NFT gallery to support female creators.

(3) NFT galleries to support DeSo community

(1) NFT gallery for CNN War Notes project

Social Media:

LinkedIn: Gabriel Di Sante

Twitter: @GDgalleries

IG: @gabrieldisante


Company Information

GD Gabriel Di Sante Corp. Cash flow 2022-2023

Donated Gallery for all Female creators (use case)

Mental Health CAMH exhibition (use case)

Lobos 1707 Virtual experience (use case)

D&G 3D Virtual NFTs Promo Experience (use case)

Super cars room x Formula one garage experience (use case)

Music Artist fan experience (use case)

ODToronto 3D Virtual Store

Billboard Awards gallery (use case)

Flunks Gallery (use case)

lil Durk Ticketing system Integration

Custom 3D Virtual Optical Store with AR integration

24k Gold platted NFTs gallery access card